To the Living and the Lost

by The Camaraderie

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This is the debut release of a project titled The Camaraderie. My name is Ben Azevedo, and I am The Camaraderie. This album is not the result of a band or a solo musician, simply the combination of many musicians' time and talents. My thanks go out to the friends and family that made it possible, as well as the musicians that participated. I hope this is the first of many more projects like it.

Some of the artists who participated on this project have bands or projects of their own. I highly encourage you to look into them.

Aaron Dethrage: Aaron is working on a huge musical project right now. Look for the end product around June. Updates on his blog.

Jeremy McCormick: Jeremy is one of the best drummers I've ever worked with. He's got his own site.

Special thanks to Aaron for putting up with me through learning how to mix and master.



released March 7, 2011

Miles Apart, Not Even Your Ghost, and Only Fair written by Ben Azevedo

The Ladder written by Ben Azevedo and Sarah Van Name

Tickets for Two written by Ben Azevedo and Aaron Dethrage

Mixed & Mastered at The Lookout by Ben Azevedo
Produced & Engineered by Ben Azevedo
Recorded at The Rabbit Hole in Nashville, TN



all rights reserved


The Camaraderie Cary, North Carolina

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Track Name: Miles Apart
When I am lonely I dream of aeroplanes
Feel the freedom of clouds from the windowpanes
And the hum of the plane as it lulls me to sleep
Whispers softly of where I’ll soon be

So come on darling
Call me home with the beat of your heart
Oh come on baby
I’m just waiting for you to start
I love you more with every yard
And we’re miles apart

When I am busy I dream of taxi cabs
But the feel of the city always made me sad
The drone of the town, never quite rang true
Makes me wish for somewhere with you


When I am tired, I dream of morning trains
The whistle is loud, but I can’t complain
Cause the train heaves a sigh, being bound to its tracks
And it reminds me, that I’m going back

Track Name: Only Fair
It was the least I could say
And still give you away
But the words fell like leaves
In the cemetery

I almost saw you there
Like a shade in the air
And my mind filled it in
Like a Polaroid print

And the print became real
As I stood by your grave
And I swear that you whispered
The words that could save

so I give away your ghost
soft and thick
opened to the air
I give away your ghost
And free us both
It’s only fair

I stood by your tree
Waiting for you to speak
But your whisper was faded
Like a dream dissipated

The wind burned my face
As I left from that place
It stirred up the leaves
In the cemetery

And they twirled like you did
When you danced in your dress
Bid a final goodbye
And laid you to rest

So I give away your ghost
Soft and thick
open to the air
I give away your ghost
and free us both
it's only fair
Track Name: Not Even Your Ghost
The broken eyes of home
Stared back at me all alone
Shattered glass crunching under my feet
Served to remind me of where we would meet

In buildings worn out with the past
You told me that we couldn’t last
Then the war that took you from my side
Turned to me and I could not hide

We marched heads down to a beat
Our feet were too weary to keep
And I looked with hope through the air
But not even your ghost was there

Though the soldiers had said we’d won
I couldn’t put down my gun
Nothing felt like victory
Without you standing next to me

Without you standing next to me

I looked with hope through the air
Not even your ghost was there
Track Name: The Ladder
I fear that my future won’t hold what I hope
I hate that I fear what I haven’t yet spoke
I’m climbing a ladder made only of rope
I can’t stand the height but I’m starting to cope

I’m trying to hold back the tide of your eyes
Like kinds and creation I’m doomed but I try
I’ll show you a scene of your heart when it flies
And hope that the mem’ry will bring you to life

And there’s nothing below me
The only way down is to fall so I climb
I don’t know where I’m going
But I know that theres something I still have to find

I’m trying to keep from coming undone
Apologize when I’ve done nothing wrong
But I know that this feeling won’t last for too long
The heat of your breath is the beat of this song

What will you do when my breath has gone cold
The rope starts to fray and the ladder won’t hold
When the stakes are too high, to stay or to fold?
Have faith that I’ll find you above or below

Maybe it's you

I will find you
I will find you my love
Track Name: Tickets for Two (Room for One)
The waves are crashing hard against the soft sand
An age old battle of advancing retreating
The gulls are circling round the docks with their hands
All cupped together for the scraps we’re leaving

The sails are climbing high against the blue sky
Forever reaching for the things they can’t own
I hope someday they show we’ve misjudged their drive
By lifting off the waves to heights unknown

The night falls and the stars start to rise
They peer out like they’re the ocean’s eyes
But I know you can see them too
Curled up next to someone new

The dawn breaks, the steady sun starts to rise
I peer out with tired sleepless eyes
But I’m sure you’ve got the better view
Curled up next to someone new